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Special Events Executive

Currently, we're looking for someone:-
  • who is a degree holder
  • who has a decent personality and easy-going.
  • who can plan and co-ordinate all aspects of the events logistics
  • who can work independently and also work well in a team
  • who can work well under tight deadlines and pressure.
If you think you have all the aspects of the above, please send your cover letter and CV/resumes

Creative Marketing Executive

If you are:-
  • very CREATIVE
  • CRAZY about new/ fresh/ innovative ideas!!!
  • know how to use excel, word and powerpoint well & if u know photoshop, that’s even better
  • funny, wacky, extrovert, outspoken & passionate about what you do
This is your time to show off! Send your resume together with a brief description about yourself (write in a creative way) and photo to (subject: I Want A Job!!)

Radio Engineering Executive

  • Job Responsibilities :
    Strong interest in terrestrial radio broadcasting (FM)
    Ensure quality and availability of broadcasts
    Continuous monitoring and first level troubleshooting of on air system, database, network and telecommunication infrastructure to ensure continuous operation
    Recover broadcast systems under failure conditions and returning the station to stable operation
    Support equipment operations in playout, technical services, and studio areas involving system design & analysis, modifications / upgrading and installation
    Provide support and maintenance with projects, maintenance, upgrades, installation, and outside broadcast activities
    Escalate as necessary, fault reports to senior engineers and management in a timely manner
    Generate documentation, logs, and fault reports
    Work with content department to ensure smooth content transmission
    Additional tasks as assigned
  • Candidate Requirements :
    Degree in Electronics, Electrical, Broadcast or related engineering disciplines
    Knowledge and working experience in Broadcast / Telecommunication is an advantage
    Possess IT skills in base PC, Windows NT, W2K, XP, DOS as well as Network skills
    Must be prepared and available on-call as primary and/or backup resource support and be ready to travel when required
    24 hours standby and onsite when necessary, willing to work on shift and off-days
    Able to work independently under pressure
    Required language(s): English, Chinese

News Presenter


    - Enthusiastic
    - Team player
    - Well organized
    - Disciplined
    - Broad general knowledge
    - Independent
    - Good communication skills
    - Strong responsibility
    - Excellent working attitude.
    - Fresh grad (male/female) are encouraged to apply.

    Do you have what it takes?

    Send in you resume now to

Finance Exec

  • We are now looking for a new Finance Exec!!
  • Below are the requirements you need have and you might be the chosen one to be part of Fly FM family!!!
    - Minimum Diploma holder ( in Accounting/Finance)
    - Computer literate, well organized and good knowledge in Ms. Office especially MS Excel. Knowledge in using accounting software is an added advantage.
    - Independent, good communication skills, strong responsibility and good working attitude.
    - Fresh grade/ male/female are encouraged to apply.
  • Send in you resume now to

Audio Engineer

  • If you get an adrenaline rush listening to music and looovvve splicing and mixing music, then you should get your hands on our colourful keyboard, which might be your new best friend.
    We need an enthusiastic team player and a talented creative machine with a superb ear and catchy listening perspective. If you’re all that and more, you might be suitable for this available hot seat.
    This seat requires you to be a diploma or degree graduate in audio engineering. We welcome applicants with experience in the audio industry too.
    Whip up your resume and cover letter and email it to

Marketing Executive

  • We at Fly FM are looking for a Network Marketing Executive and it could be YOU.
  • You must be proficient in Microsoft Office, be able to write proposals, meet deadlines, and possess outstanding communication skills. A successful sales background, a plus!
    Motivated, energetic, a team player…even better!
  • So if you nodded yes to all of the above and have what it takes send your resume to 

Fly FM Myvi Troopers

  • The Fly FM Myvi Troopers are looking for fun, energetic and witty individuals to join the team!!!
    So if you are between the ages of 19-25 and have a full D license, please do send us your CV, resume or something like that to us. It would be great if you could include your latest pic also.
    Please send your resume to

    More info?? please click --->; Vacancies @ FLY FM

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  1. wah byk gle kan keje kosong part time ade lg ke bro..:)

  2. nak try request finance execcc!!! :D

  3. wah! cam menarik je radio eng exec tu~~~ requirements da ade da..hahaha~

  4. urgh..pnjgnya!! suka dgr fly!! lagi2 morning pagi crew..terbaik dri ladang...haha..

    ada contest!! wiii

  5. as salam..
    haha~ layan flyfm masa free~

    adoi.tak berkaitan langsung dengan bidang saya.boleh apply ke?



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