P.A diperlukan segera!!!!!! Urgent...

POSITION: TV Production Assistant (P.A)

Job Description:
- In charge of pre-production, set up, LIVE, post-production, events coverage of any interactive
TV show.
- Content research
- Program Rundown
- Video shooting
- Video editing
- Prepare ending credit
- Print tape
- Wardrobe and studio settings
- Helping and directing the live show
- Maintain and update program social networking websites
- Follow up winners and guests
- To make sure all productions go on smooth.
- To bring new relevant ideas to the shows.

- Candidate must possess at least a Diploma/Degree/Professional Certificate, specialized in Mass Communication/ Broadcasting & relevant field.
- Knowledge in TV broadcasting is a credit.
- Applicants should be Malaysian, Chinese who able to speak, read and write in Chinese.
- Willing to work shifts.
- Posses own transport.
- Available to work in Jan 2011 onwards.

Interested candidates are encouraged to apply online - pin_joo@yahoo.com atau pinjoo@altmedia.my
P.A diperlukan segera!!!!!! Urgent... P.A diperlukan segera!!!!!! Urgent... Reviewed by AdyBudika on 5/04/2011 02:21:00 PM Rating: 5


  1. adik saya cari kerja..hurmmm..tapi dia diploma computer engineering..

  2. hurm..... not qualified in relevant field. huwaaa.....

  3. alamak, tak boleh nak apply sbb tak reti Bahasa Cina dan kenderaan sendiri pun tak ada...

  4. wahh ada kerja kosong..spt2 siapa yg minat.leh mohon

  5. Required language(s): Chinese, English & Bahasa Malaysia???

    ni keje kat China ke perlu bahasa cina?

  6. chinese show.... so mandrin diperlukan

  7. mass comm dh ok.. tp chinese tak ok.. hikhik

  8. JM ghtei bahase Siamnese jerk... lalala... tu kat atas nak suh adik belaw keje.. pe lagi Ady.. ngeh3x...

  9. kak zu lagi tak layak dah jadi warga KERTU hehehe

  10. aku ad spm je..
    tunggu aku sambung dip.^^


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